Metallurgy & Nanotechnology

"Metallurgy is an area of Science and Engineering, which deals with the structure, flow and physical properties of metals and related materials (like oxides, salts etc.) either in its solid or liquid form. Understanding the properties of metals, oxides or salts can help in controlling various phenomena like cooling during continuous casting, rolling, waste heat extraction, refining, alloying etc. Knowledge of the material chemistry can help in finding venues for recycling industrial wastes like slags or in the selection of alternative materials for batteries/ fuel cells.Nanotechnology is a relatively new branch of Science which helps in enhancing various properties of materials like thermal conductivity, electric/electronic conductivity as well as enhancing chemical reaction kinetics. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is currently engaging in many projects related to these areas."

Specilizations in this Area
  • Thermophysical Properties of Molten fluids
  • Waste management
  • High Temperature materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Process Metallurgy of iron and steel making
  • Density
  • Surface Tension
  • Viscosity
  • Thermal Conductivity - Modelling and Experiments
  • Recovery - recycling and value addition of Industrial Wastes
  • Lead free alloys for high temperature elecronics,High Entropy alloys
  • processing and synthesis
  • Slag-metal reactions
  • Waste Heat Recovery

Consultancy Offered
  • Generation and Characterization of Nano Particles, Application of Carbon Nanotubes, Synthesis of Nano Metal Oxides
  • Heat Transfer fluids and Thermal Energy Storage for Concentrating Solar Power Plants
  • High temperature electronic connections in devices for milittary applications
  • Metal matrix preparation with cold and metal injection system, Application development with MMCs, Development of metal doped CNTs for electronic applications
  • Slags recycling in cements, Recovery of Cu, Mn etc. from slags
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Researchers in this Area

Recent publications

  • CHANDAN SINGHAVI.(2017).Factors Affecting Teachers’ Perceived Proficiency in Using ICT in the Classroom.IAFOR Journal of Education, 5(2): 67-86.

  • DEEPAK MORE.(2008).Two-photon absorption in ZnSe and core/shell quantum structures.Applied Physics Letter, 92(4): 043126.

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