Personality & Skill Development

Education must aim at the holistic development of students. For this, along with learning academic subjects, students need to develop multiple skills. Currently, skill development is emphasized a lot in education system but mainly it is about vocational skills for enhancing employment opportunities for the students. However, there are other types of skills related to creative Arts such as Music, Dance, Drama, Creative Writing & handicrafts which also need emphasis as they cultivate aesthetic sensibilities and refinement among students which help them to live a better & higher quality of life.

Consultancy Offered
  • Creative Arts & Aesthetics in Education
  • Soft Skills Training for Students
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Researchers in this Area

Recent publications

  • CHANDAN SINGHAVI.(2017).Factors Affecting Teachers’ Perceived Proficiency in Using ICT in the Classroom.IAFOR Journal of Education, 5(2): 67-86.

  • DEEPAK MORE.(2008).Two-photon absorption in ZnSe and core/shell quantum structures.Applied Physics Letter, 92(4): 043126.

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