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Development of PocketQube Standard Pico-satellite Bus and Deployer

  • From June 2019

  • Project Status: On-Going

"New Leap Initiative"- KJSIEIT's flagship student innovation team added another feather in the cap with its proposal for developing a PocektQube standard satellite deployer and a nanosatellite being approved by ISRO as a part of PS4 - orbital platform program (Click here for info). The team specializes in developing inventive space-tech and rf design.

The nanosatellite developed (termed 'Beliefsat') is 2p PocketQube standard (Link to Standards doc) of 10cm*5cm*5cm volume and < 500-gram mass. It will launch out of SomaiyaPod deployer- custom-designed for PocketQubes.


The successful demonstration of the technology will enable India to become self-sufficient in launching future PocketCubes. The team has provided a technological edge with innovative communication and power generation technology and the unique structural design, which will help in future satellite designs. BeliefSat carries a radio digipeater and an SSDV style imagery payload, which assists both HAM radio operators worldwide and for training budding space technologists due to their open-source software and receiver designs.


You can find more information about the satellite at the official project repo https://github.com/NewLeapKjsieit/BeliefSat

Support/ collaborate/witness – your choice- as we embark on the journey to Low Earth Orbit. 


  • DCubed :- German Company making deployment pin mechanisms has sponsored flight model and Engineering model pins so that our launch can space prove their designs in process.



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  •  12 Lakhs(Aprox. Rs. 20Lakhs/Kg Pay load)

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