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Clinical Evaluation of Mouth-Dissolving Turmeric Lozenges in Healthcare Workers functioning with COVID-19 patients

  • From September 2020

  • Project Status: On-Going

Hear Here! We are evaluating Turmeric Lozenges as additional protection for health care workers against COVID-19 infection.

A quick web search will show that of the 7.8 billion people, 59 million are health care workers. Please take a moment to analyze this statistic….this is one health worker per 132 people worldwide. The 'one' could be a doctor, a nurse, a laboratory technician, a ward boy, an ambulance driver, a helper, or even a medical waste handler. During an infection, health workers are always the first to act, yet they are the most vulnerable. COVID-19 came without a prescription and is spreading without a preference for either person or continent. Without a 'magical cure' in sight, healthcare workers are striving tirelessly and selflessly round-the-clock to serve the people and in turn, save our nation. The warpath for the Coronavirus begins either in the nose or mouth, taking it further into the lungs. Despite the physical barrier offered by the personal protection equipment (PPE) – a coat, a goggle, a mask, and a head cap - we need a more crucial security check within, especially at the entry point of this viral infection. Probably a tablet that is easy to take and protects not only the mouth and throat region but also leaves a lingering and soothing effect.

Gelnova Labs India Pvt Ltd worked with K J Somaiya Hospital to introduce this extra protection for the health care warriors at the K J Somaiya Hospital, a medical center recognized by the Maharashtra State Government for admitting and treating COVID-19 patients. Gelnova Labs produces TURMGEL®, a dissolving non-chewable, sugar-free, gelatin-based turmeric tablet that reduces the chances of infection within the oral cavity.

Following due approvals from the Institutional Ethics Committee and registration with the Clinical Trials Registry of India, a clinical trial was initiated with Dr. Niharika Gill, Professor & Head, Department of Medicine at the K J Somaiya Hospital along with Dr. Manjusha Rajarshi, Consultant, Gelnova Labs India Pvt Ltd. The study envisages observing the protective role of TURMGEL® in healthcare workers who come in close contact with the COVID-19 patients.

Be it home remedies or pharmaceutical tablets, turmeric has been a 'golden' choice for ages. Curcumin, an active compound in turmeric fights viruses, bacteria, and fungi making it an ideal anti-microbial entity. With this study, we can now add to the list of hot turmeric milk for boosting immunity, turmeric cream for beauty, turmeric paste for burns, this softy TURMGEL® for oral cavity protection.


Coordinator-Research Promotion, SIRAC 

Somaiya Vidyavihar University

Published on: 8th June 2020

Principal Investigator

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