"The new age technologies are driving every aspect of human lives. The Intelligent home assistance to Smart critical infrastructures is few examples of technology driven environment. Not only intelligence assistance is requirement of modern technologies but also secure execution and deployment of such technologies are prime objectives to be addressed. The cyber and information security landscape covers aspects of proactive and reactive security of related technologies. The cyber and information security is not limited to solutions to offer to existing security problems such as computationally efficient encryption algorithms but to implement applied solutions to enterprise solutions.

The cyber and information security has extended its reach to secure human interaction in cyber space. Enriched with security fundamentals and contemporary security related concepts as well as intrigued by applications of security fundamentals and principles to real life challenges. The attempted and addressed research directions in cyber and information security are including but not limited to investigating security limitations of existing software, performing vulnerability analysis and penetration testing, designing secure software and developing threat intelligence software."

Specilizations in this Area
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Cyberspace security
  • Cryptography
  • Modeling cyber physical systems
  • Security assessments
  • Threat intelligence

Projects in this Area

Landscape Analysis of OCSA & OCSE

September 2020

Consultancy Offered
  • Assessment of Data Protection Policy and Security Compliance
  • Cloud based applications and Systems
  • Conducting Digital Forensic Investigation
  • Detection bulling, fake news on social media platforms
  • Gathering Threat Intelligence of diverse domain
  • Implementation of Blockchain based solutions for security
  • Modelling Cyber Physical systems
  • Tool development & Security assessment of Cyber secrity
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Researchers in this Area

Recent publications

  • CHANDAN SINGHAVI.(2017).Factors Affecting Teachers’ Perceived Proficiency in Using ICT in the Classroom.IAFOR Journal of Education, 5(2): 67-86.

  • DEEPAK MORE.(2008).Two-photon absorption in ZnSe and core/shell quantum structures.Applied Physics Letter, 92(4): 043126.

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