Learning & Pedagogy Approaches

"Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty & the youth"- Chanakya Education is means of acquiring knowledge and skills for understanding & equip one for a better way of living. Teaching methods or pedagogy ranges from informal learning to self-directed learning, the advent of technology has improvised the means and methods of teaching thus taking education beyond the confinement of classroom. Two simple questions, how is the knowledge conveyed? & how do you judge the students about their understanding? needs to be answered to maintain quality in education. Among the various approaches in Pedagogy, critical approaches include the perspectives of social, historical and political to decide the instructional quality whereas dialogic or interactive learning helps in interactive discussions to understand and validate claims.
The new focus of pedagogy approach is more student-centric with emphasis given to problem based learning. A very important factor that decides the standard of education is the teacher, tutor or educator. A sound foundation of basics with theoretical and practical orientation is a mandate to empower the educator in giving maximum impact during his/her interaction with students. Meticulous planning, updating resources and information helps in lecture execution as well as formatting questions for evaluation.
A breed of educators of Somaiya Vidyavihar faculty are tuned into developing programs on unit planning, setting up question bank with relevance to the current scenario as well as proposing innovative approaches to the classroom evaluation. These efforts are shared to teaching communities ranging from schools to colleges & academics to professionals. In such interactions, co-learning between the resource person and the participant is the major outcome which help identify need-specific programmes for different educational set ups. The main research focus of this institute is to bridge the gap between theory and practice by improvising & developing new pedagogy & learning approaches.

Consultancy Offered
  • Cooperative learning techniques
  • Creative lesson planning
  • Curriculum designing and development
  • ICT Applications to Teaching-Learning Process
  • Web resources in teaching learning
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