"The Marketing Management function covers many focused areas of research initiatives relating to

  • Marketing Strategy -building product-market competitive advantage.
  • Brand Management -planning and deploying corporate resources through strategic initiatives creating brand differentiators to build brand equity
  • Customer Engagement Management – building, maintaining, nurturing most valuable and growable customers for building Life Time Value for the business.
  • Integrated Marketing Communications and Digital Marketing using Above-the-Line, through-the -Line and Below-the-Line communication tools and techniques involving Traditional and New Media platforms to build strong brands.
  • Consumer Behaviour and Insight Mining- analysing and understanding the evolving consumer cultures to target consumers for profile-based marketing initiatives.
  • Retail Marketing Management -Analysing and understanding retail customer dynamics for building conversion and customer care strategies using frontend and backend retail data analytics.
  • Sales and Distribution – Planning and executing market-level strategies involving prospecting, qualifying leads, need assessment, sales pitch formulation, objection handling, closing the sale, follow up for repeat sales to build bonded customers.


    Techniques involved will encompass-Relationship Selling Model, SNAP Model, Hunter and Farmer Model, Versatile Selling Model. These above areas of research in Marketing will involve cutting-edge innovative processes and research methods and techniques with specific focus on market driven data analysis for specific use in industry and academia.

    Specilizations in this Area
    •  Customer Relationship Management
    • Sales & Distribution
    • Brand Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Analytics and Insight Mining

Consultancy Offered
  • Brand Growth strategy
  • Brand Planning and Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand Rejuvenation strategy
  • CRM strategy using Lifetime Value Analysis
  • New Product development strategy
  • Report on Consumer Insight development
  • Report on Market Analysis
  • Sales and Distribution Strategy
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Researchers in this Area

Recent publications

  • CHANDAN SINGHAVI.(2017).Factors Affecting Teachers’ Perceived Proficiency in Using ICT in the Classroom.IAFOR Journal of Education, 5(2): 67-86.

  • DEEPAK MORE.(2008).Two-photon absorption in ZnSe and core/shell quantum structures.Applied Physics Letter, 92(4): 043126.

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