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Tools & Devices

"With the advent of advanced technology in biomedical research and healthcare, the traditional line between engineering and medical science is becoming thinner. The inventions of compact medical machines and computers has provided a boost for developing medical devices which are making medical practice easier for doctors and more effective for patients. However, currently the primary aim of the medical industry is to provide health service to remote rural people at a cheaper cost. Providing services in rural areas demands the devices to be robust which is better achieved using mechanical and electrical systems. Moreover the medical systems nowadays also expect the devices to incorporate predictive technologies which would be of help to doctors and medical professionals. Consequently, biomedical research is now a multidisciplinary domain with technologies used from various fields such as Electronics, Telecommunication, Mechanical Engineering, Computer and Data Analytics. Another domain currently in focus is the research and development related to assistive mechanisms.

Assistive technologies are useful for people with challenges which enable them to learn, communicate, and function better. Few outcomes of assistive technologies are intelligent wheelchairs, speech to text conversion or vice-versa, gesture controlled devices, etc. This domain also requires knowledge from multiple fields and is a promising field for research and development. Considering the need of the end user, products can be developed which would demonstrate the application and use of technology for betterment of the society."

Specilizations in this Area
  • Innovation in Medical Devices
  • Biomechanics
  • Prediction Tools
  • Assistive Technologies

Consultancy Offered
  • Knee force analysis during deep sqautting activity
  • Digitalising Medical records
  • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare
  • Developing Assistive Technologies for Physical diasbilities
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  • mail research@somaiya.edu

Researchers in this Area

Recent publications

  • DEEPAK MORE.(2010).Two photon absorption in Mn2+-doped ZnSe quantum dots.Optics Communications, 283(2010): 2150–2154.

  • Shailaja Mahamuni.(2010).Two photon absorption in Mn2+-doped ZnSe quantum dots.Optics Communications, 283(2010): 2150–2154.

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