Image & Signal Processing

Image pixels and sound bytes possess a wealth of information; decrypting requires more than logic but a level of intelligence to identify ultra-fine differences. Algorithms of machine learning, the language of artificial intelligence, and high-performance computational systems are creating a new world of unimaginable possibilities.

Our image processing experts process intense signals to create guiding messages - be it a farmer, doctor, or disaster managers- to help make the right choice.  

Projects in this Area
Consultancy Offered
  • AI based solutions for Music Processing and Music Therapy
  • AI based solutions for Sign Language Processing
  • Applications and Systems with Computer Vision
  • Applications related to biomedical signal processing
  • Designing of security related systems using image and video processing
  • Development of automated systems using speech processing
  • Diabetic Retinopathy
  • Diagnosis through Image process
  • Digitalising and intrepreting X rays and ECGs
  • Image Analytics and Interpretation using AI and ML
  • Image processing and interpretation applications
  • Implementation of applications and systems for health care
  • Implementation of Natural Language Processing (NLP) based solutions for text mining, content mining, security
  • Implementation of systems based on Image and Video Processing
  • Laryngeal Cancer detection and classification
  • Machine learning (ML) based solution for medical data processing
  • Multi-rate signal processing and Wavelet filter design
  • Music Processing based applications
  • Speech and Audio processing & its applications
  • Vocal emotion recognition

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  • Image Analytics & Pattern Recognition
  • Satellite Image Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Video Processing
  • Sound Processing
  • Multimedia Processing
  • Compressed Sensing

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